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85 mg KIO3 tablets
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Tom Sciacca interviewed Chuck Fenwick about KIO3, see the interview on the "KIO3" FAQ page!

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How much should I get?

For larger amounts of KIO3 such as 70, 40, 25, or 12 bottles of either the 85mg 90 tablet and 170mg 60 tablet, click here and you will go to www.KIO3-USA.com.

Adults--Usually one bottle per Adult person is the recommendation.

Adults and children--If there are several small children in your care (under 12 years old at the time of the emergency) then, at least one bottle per two children will be enough. If you are not sure how many to order then feel free to call us. 1-800-537-1339

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This is KIO3
If there is a "nuclear event," and you are down-wind, you need to take KIO3 or KI before the radioactive plume reaches you.
These are frequently asked questions such as: Is KIO3 safe?, Does KIO3 have a long shelf-life etc.
KIO3 vs. KI
There is no KIO3 vs KI--they both work-- however a reader on Survival Blog was wondering if KIO3 was FDA approved. KIO3 is FDA approved and a letter to the Survival Blog explained the survival points to the readers.
Here is the letter.
Patient Information Printout:
       85mg KIO3 tablets

     170mg KIO3 tablets

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